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Have experienced poor customer services . Wanted to change my due date for payment since I began making payments and they still haven't done it .Its been 2 years now .

When you talk to them they switch you to different people and for the most part cannot assist the customer . They call but never leave a message to call them back ,next thing you know your vehicle is reposed . and then you have to pay fees to get it or if you don't you vehicle gets sent to an auction for sale They do not notify you when you are in jeopardy of losing your vehicle .

and they do not notify at all All they do is call , LEAVE NO MESSAGES TO RETURN THE CALL . Ihave asked about all of this and get NO answers

Review about: American Credit Acceptance Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Lol the anonymous person works for aca who knows he might even be the owner of the company lmao every time someone says something bad about the company here comes anonymous with the same deadbeat lines. All of this is just hilarious.

Aca approved me for a car I would rather go to a buy here pay here lot after reading all the reviews and seeing all the comments from anonymous. Hilarious


Please tell us what a "repose" is? It was YOU who signed the contract and in that contract, YOU would have seen the due date.

As such, common sense dictates if you don't by the due date, then YOU obviously know a repo is a possibility.

However, all you are doing here is making up excuses and blaming them for the consequences YOU brought upon yourself. The bottom line is the they are under zero obligation to play the "change the due date game" which is nothing more than the typical serial deadbeat's ploy.

to Anonymous #1302634

To you and your Anonymous replies,

I have been reading reviews, because I plan to make a purchase through ACA and let me just say...Wow you must work for ACA, I have seen your replies on other comments and you are blatantly attacking these individuals. Since when is someone a deadbeat, just because they request a due date change.

Obviously you have never lived pay check to pay check and need a bill to be due on the date the coincides with the payday, to avoid becoming delinquent and to allow you to budget properly.

In my opinion a deadbeat takes time out of a day to attack people directly and for what.....a fellow reader such as myself can read it and get the assumption you work for the company.......much like you assume these are deadbeats, because that is the word you use in EVERY ugly Reply!!! Makes me think twice about doing business with ACA, so if you do work for them you may need to rethink your strategy!!

to Just a another potential custo Denver, Colorado, United States #1307842

I agree - Just a another potential custo. Stay potential by the way - don't sign anything and finance with them.

I read all of"anonymous" comments. Very snarky, condescending and rude. If you do work for them, that speaks volumes of how they view and treat their customers. They "took over" my loan from First Premier recently.

I am trying to negotiate some arrangements ACA due to a rent increase and skyrocketing cost of living in my area.

Not optimistic they will work with me, but have to try. Otherwise, they can come get the piece of *** car & I will gladly go to court and tell a judge about their predatory lending and business practices.

to Kira #1311666

Ha ha ha! Go ahead and turn in the car, it's a voluntary repo.

Of course, with a serial deadbeat, that doesn't matter. Sure, you're going to show them! You're going to tell the judge. Right!

You don't even have the integrity to do what you promised to do when you signed the contract!

Thanks for the laughs! I'm impressed!

to Anonymous #1414498

Wow, why are you so critical of everyone?

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