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I can say this is the worst company ever , get wrong information from customer service and managers, cannot seem to find missing payments. NC law says the police is to be notified before a repo can be done. Was told by the police department in Greensboro that know report logged. Still have not found missing payment, they have the rudest customer service I have ever dealt with. I really regret helping my son get a car this is the worst export... Read more

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What a shame that not one review is posted for anything positive. All you see are negative consumers and their valid grievances. IF anyone had the chance to review this company prior to getting a loan, I promise no one would have allowed this company to exist anymore They clearly need an audit and IRS review, and FCC review, and any other federal agency thought of should be contacted. They manipulate the money far, over and above the... Read more

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This is worst finance company ever! The csr does not know their company policy and procedures, they give misleading information even from the managers. They have no customer service skills, always have an nasty attitude and etc! The whole company needs to be retain on customer service or better yet just fire everyone from CEO n down to csr and hire a whole need team with better training and customer service skills. When you pay your bill online... Read more

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i paid off my vehicle. now i am being asked when i call to make a payment. this company is worse tha scam artists. I was given a loan which i paid on time , i paid them $4,378 in a 5 month period and only $18 dollar's was credited to my principal. also when i called to make the payoff i owed $1,096 more the amount financed. so i advise not doing business with these people ever. plus im still waiting for my title. its been over 22 days Read more

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American acceptance need to get carfax from dealership first before they make deal because some of them has been in accident disabled excetera still not be on the street

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I am currently with them and I would not recommend this company to anyone a totally ripoff they send u your bill in the mail to tell you to pay immediately like your behind in payments or something then they rude when u call I am getting my refinance through my bank soon they interest rates are high u live and learn never again

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My boyfriend got a from Labonte Chevrolet, which the car was financed through you guys (American Cridt Acceptance). With the experience him and his mom had had, I know who not to get my first car financed through, and to let anyone else know. Y'all claimed he didn't pay his car payment in December, yet y'all took a payment for January and February. Then here comes March, we wake up at 6 in the morning and his car is gone. It took us about 5... Read more

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This company is a joke. After my girlfriend bought her car through Carmax, ACA was one of the financial institutions that she chose. After paying for 2 years on time, I went to the site to see what the payoff amount. To my shock, we paid $9000 for a $14,000 loan. Only $2,000 was taken off the price while the rest went to interest. When I called ACA, the told me she has a daily interest rate of 8% and their was nothing they can do about it. If we... Read more

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I recieved a loan with ACA, they were very unprofessional... They waived fees they wanted too... no agent was on the same page! Nobody knew nothing.... and, when they repossessed the car-I called about 3 times to get the towing company information... the dumb lady gave me the wrong info... *** people!

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