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These people had my bank account about to soon go into overdraft , all because of a mistake THEY made . I'm a loyal customer that pays my bill a week before usually! I'm highly upset .

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I need help my place to live just ran out currently paying extra money in and out of hotels exhausting my funds i need to be pushed back I can make an payment on the September 29 but that will only go toward the interest not the principal please can you pushed back the payments for me for three months please contact me with a solution because I need my car and more Importantly I need to save my credit please contact me at 4049778867 Read more

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How about after paying 550 amonth for truck that would spit the gas back out of tank at me I decided to give the truck back cuz dealer kept promising to fix it but instead of fixing it they went out of business after almost 7yrs they keep putting this debt on my credit like I just opened it!!

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My payment amount due went up over $30 right after I contacted the BBB over some late charges they refused to completely reverse as a one time courtesy. Sounds kind of sketchy right? On top of that, there's no explanation of this additional $30 dollar charge anywhere that I can find. They still haven't resolved the situation with the BBB, but I definitely contacted BBB after this situation. I can't even talk to them because it makes my anxiety... Read more

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My car was totaled from the hail storm but is still driveable. The bank would not let me keep the car and I have not missed any payments at all. The bank does not work with you and all they care about is themselves. I will never bank with them ever again!

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the staff was very friendly and understanding i spoke with several staff members and they all went out and beyond to help me. i was very pleased with the results.altho i didnt expect such understanding do to the ratings i had seen, im so glad that i chose to contact them myself instead of going by review'in my opion, get ur own experience with them, ur circumstances may be different then the person that wrote the review..,you have to do ur part... Read more

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This is by far the worst compny to ever do business with. I purchased my car 4 months ago and set up automatic draft 4 months ago; i have to call every month because they never take my money out, and then i have to have a arguing match before they take my payment. After every call its the same thing "we turned your autmatic payment on but when the day comes they never use it. Im so fed up i really been thinking bout refinance with someone else.... Read more

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Wow where to start with this so called company called today to make final payment that was suppose to be $229.85 got told 3 different payoff prices got hung up on finally said to heck with it and paid the $368 even though our normal payment was only $315 never do business with this company they *** over bad!

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The staff was very rude and seemed as they had no interest in doing business with minority business owners. They deal different with certain dealers based on color and creed. I worked for other dealers as a sales manager and general manager and A.C.C., had certain procedures until I started my own business. all of sudden I was treated like a small guy, and they did everything to let me know they didn't want to do business with minorities and... Read more

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I pay my car note online or over the phone. The only complaint i have is when im a day late on my payment, i get a call about (1) when im making the payment (2) why am i making the payment late? Payments arent late until after 10 days so that confuses me to WHY im getting a call the very next day. I dont think its any of their business as to why im a day or so late but whatever. I try not to deal with them over the phone as much as possible. Read more

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