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American Credit Acceptance Auto Loan Review from Auburn Hills, Michigan 2 of 2 people found it helpful
On the American Credit Acceptance website it instructs customers to contact them via their 800 number if they want to ask about getting their due date changed. It states that the status of the account will be taken into consideration when making the decision. I have had an acct (auto loan) with them since 2011 which have paid faithfully via automatic draft from my checking account since I opened the loan. Never missed a payment and it is...
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American Credit Acceptance Auto Loan Review
I need help my place to live just ran out currently paying extra money in and out of hotels exhausting my funds i need to be pushed back I can make an payment on the September 29 but that will only go toward the interest not the principal please can you pushed back the payments for me for three months please contact me with a solution because I need my car and more Importantly I need to save my credit please contact me at 4049778867
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My payment amount due went up over $30 right after I contacted the BBB over some late charges they refused to completely reverse as a one time courtesy. Sounds kind of sketchy right? On top of that, there's no explanation of this additional $30 dollar charge anywhere that I can find. They still haven't resolved the situation with the BBB, but I definitely contacted BBB after this situation. I can't even talk to them because it makes my anxiety...
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This is by far the worst compny to ever do business with. I purchased my car 4 months ago and set up automatic draft 4 months ago; i have to call every month because they never take my money out, and then i have to have a arguing match before they take my payment. After every call its the same thing "we turned your autmatic payment on but when the day comes they never use it. Im so fed up i really been thinking bout refinance with someone else....
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My boyfriend got a from Labonte Chevrolet, which the car was financed through you guys (American Cridt Acceptance).With the experience him and his mom had had, I know who not to get my first car financed through, and to let anyone else know. Y'all claimed he didn't pay his car payment in December, yet y'all took a payment for January and February. Then here comes March, we wake up at 6 in the morning and his car is gone. It took us about 5 hours...
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This company is a joke.After my girlfriend bought her car through Carmax, ACA was one of the financial institutions that she chose. After paying for 2 years on time, I went to the site to see what the payoff amount. To my shock, we paid $9000 for a $14,000 loan. Only $2,000 was taken off the price while the rest went to interest. When I called ACA, the told me she has a daily interest rate of 8% and their was nothing they can do about it. If we...
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