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American Credit Acceptance
Main address: PO Box 1899 29304 Spartanburg SC
866-544-3430, 866-984-1530 , ,
Had an experience with American Credit Acceptance?
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I agree been trying to contact them for two months and the line disconnects but yet they picked my car up today and now idk how to contact them for my things or nothing!!!! This is ridiculous! Add comment

i tried moneygram payment was blocked did one time payment online got confirmation # then 3 days later got email saying my payment was returned and i should keep my account in good standing and make a payment right away really and i call line gets disconnected or im n hold for long time Add comment


  • Sep 18
  • Auto Financing
  • Maricopa, Arizona
  • Payment Issues
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  • 125

Every month for the past 2 years American Credit Acceptance have collected my payments automatically on the 4th of the month. This month they have not yet collected and it's the 18th of September. I tried calling them to make payment andI get an invalid number. Whats going on? Read more

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  • Sep 17
  • Auto Financing
  • Florence, South Carolina
  • Car Payment
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  • 249

i bought my car from a local dealer and they sold my account to ACA, which i didn't approve. after paying every month and i must admit i paid late but with in the same month. i never miss a month paying, even with the local dealer, never miss a month, now ACA trying to say, I missed a payment in April 2013. I asked her since I was paying may 2014, why I'm just hearing of this. now I'm going to... Read more

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  • Sep 13
  • Auto Financing
  • Stafford, Texas
  • Credit Report
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I absolutely HATE this company! there a total rip off. on my credit report it shows I has a late payment which I have not once ever been late on any of my payments, and sad part is when u call to fix something the person u speak with says that's it's done then u get letter in the mail stating that nothing was ever fixed smh. also when u call it clearly states that the call may be recorded or... Read more

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  • Sep 05
  • Auto Financing
  • Lockport, New York
  • Positive Experience
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I dont know why some ppl have prob with American credit acceptance. .I have no prob with them at all been dealing with for almost 2 years ..ive been late 60 days n they have worked w/me couldnt be any happier w/this company Read more

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  • Sep 04
  • Auto Financing
  • Mishawaka, Indiana
  • Unprofessional Service
  • 338

EXTREMELY PISSED!!! I have been dealing with this company for a few months now and absolutely hate them. I am sleeping when I hear my car alarm. I grab my keys go outside and BOOM! My car is being dragged away. My wallet and other personal items were in the car. I was a month late on my payment due to hob change and I can't understand why after less than 30 days my car is being repossessed. I... Read more

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  • Aug 18
  • Auto Financing
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Payments
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I have been given the run around for FIVE months trying to receive my title. I've had one person say they are going to send it one has said they sent it but to the wrong address (which I called and switched three times) and another saying they sent it and it was returned. I have had only bad experiences with them. Taking out double payments saying old payments where never received when my bank... Read more

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My car got repoed and the company they hired thought they were going to sell the car they replaced the key switch themselves without taking it to Mercedes and it burn the electrical system out. They said that they made an agree ment with adesa to fix it. I paid the car off American credit said I could pick up my car when I did my car had been tampered with Add comment


  • Aug 05
  • Auto Financing
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Unposted Payment
  • 191

I sent payment in on time, ACA keeps calling saying that I am passed due, but in tracking the m/o it has arrived to p.o box... This company isn't professional and lacks training. For some reason they aren't posting payments on time although they are being mailed on time. I really think they are in the rip off business. I suggest all mad consumers get together and file a law suit against this... Read more

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