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A member of the family helped a "friend" with a car loan. I would guess they gave them our house number, since we keep getting phone calls. The "friend" must have defaulted on their payments and this company keeps calling our house looking for the "friend". Every time I answer I keep telling them they have the wrong house, I even tell them which residence they have called. However, they keep calling looking for this other person. I should not be harassed at my own house for someone else's bills. Do some research on the house you are calling to... Read more

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Terrible customer service, worst company ever they don't even have dependable phone lines to handle customer service! I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Add comment

Haven't had any bad experiences with them so far and have been with them for a yr now , hope they can help with and up coming issue. . Thank you Read more

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This company I the worst finance company. Customer Service is rude and unwilling to work with people. Add comment

bought a car from a dealer,dealer went out of business,spent 1200.00 to get car running,got behind on payments.i called customer service and they agreed to repo the car,5 months now they tell me car has no value and they wont pick it,im reporting this bbb and state attorney general.they also told me to sell it privately but in indiana it is illegal to sell a car without a title,its a felony,please stay away from these people.they are rude and most cant speak english. Read more

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Unbelievably bad, cant reach, never return call. Portal wont take payments, hasnt worked in 5 months No one ever responds to email requests every month and they are never open during usual customer service hours. Very not cool Nasty when you get them on the somehow their horrible IT is MY fault Yes...never let a car dealership pick these fools. Waste of time and hard to do business with at best. Read more

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I had them for one month. I paid them off right quick!! The reason the customer service sucks, is the people who answer the phone are from hondorus, Beijing, Philippines and on. I had to fight for them to transfer me to America!!! They don't care. I'm so happy to be done with these loan sharks!!! Add comment

Customer service is terrible. They say you can pay online for free but the server Is always conveniently down so you have to call them and pay a 7.95 fee as if they're not already getting 19% interest. Not to mention, I always deal with someone foreign who I cannot understand. Would recommend for consumers to finance through ANYONE but them. They're the worst company I've ever dealt with. Add comment

i have reciepts to prove my payments they claim they never got money i paid on line they took my car Add comment

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